Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Blooper - Translate bar requires FireFox!

Google just released a new translate bar with a cool feature where you can pause with the mouse on a word, and it will be translated.. you don't need to mark the word or anything like that.
You can read all about it - just scroll down a bit.

So naturally, I went to install it using my chrome browser, only to discover it requires Firefox!

A Blooper?
I don't know..

Maybe Google thinks their Chrome Translation bar is enough.. maybe I just need to upgrade my chrome to get this toolbar built in or something.
In any case this is funny.

Only Google Can

In an older post I wrote about My thoughts about Google Translate and the power it holds.

No one other than Google can dispatch such a toolbar for free as a by the way kind of manner. "By the way.. there's also a toolbar.." .

So far only chrome automatically offered to translate pages, however Google got this right - it doesn't really matter which browser you use, as long as you get a good translation experience.
So now.. I guess, we have it in FF as well.

Blogger Translation Widget

Weird enough, the context in which I heard about this toolbar was Blogger..

However, as you've probably seen in the link about, this is not a blogger gadget, but a template modification..
How weird is that???

Searching for such a gadget, I couldn't find one.. Weird again!

How hard can that be?
Yours truly will try to embark on a mission to write this gadget, following my own blog on writing a blogger gadget from last time.

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  1. Hi! for translation I use gTranslate on Firefox: