Friday, November 11, 2011

2 years old with 10K page views - About traffic statistics

So my blog is 2 years old +, and today, I reached my 10K visitor..

Like I said last time, my statistics are not amazing. However, since my posts are sometimes at the top or even the sole results for some searches, I am pleased.

However, today I want to talk about the traffic statistics in blogger.
I've noticed some weird traffic sources which seem to me like advertisement.

Luckily, my blog is registered to Incapsula.
While its first target is security, it also gives you more accurate traffic information.

Even though one filter shows 1 day, and the other shows 1 week, it is still clear that while blogger counts some bot visitors as human, Incapsula gives you a better identification.

And if you think that that comparison is shocking, take a look at my last 90 days statistics in Incapsula

As you can see, I had about 10K visits only in the last 3 months, but 91% of them were bots and only 9% were human - mostly using Chrome ( developers ) , and don't forget to count me in as well.
Comment spammers are #1 on the visitor table. Thank god I blocked them with Incapsula.

So it seems to me that traffic to my site is even lower than you might think and that according to my last calculation, I am still getting about 1K traffic every 3 months. I haven't moved at all this last year.

I did manage to meet someone, move in together, get married and pregnant, but my blog stayed the same.

So I am guessing I should be around 5K human visits, ( 1 from last year + 4 this year ) .

I added my blog to adwords to test my theory, and indeed, no money is earned at the moment.
However, it is really easy to configure it and let it be active on your site.

All you need to do is click the "earnings" link. You don't have to pay for it so there's no harm.

I'll see you next year with almost 20K visits, which will be only ( 9K human visits ), maybe 0.02 earnings, a kid, and some cool stuff I am working on.
I have to say, that even if I had 1 visit all this time, the blogging experience is still worth it.
blog on.

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  1. Thaths not a big thing ! i some days or months u will earning god ! your blogs are nice ! u will get a good traffic !