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Open Files From Console With Sublime

20 Nov 2012

Sublime Text Editor is a great new text editor.
Its motto is “The Text Editor You’ll Fall In Love With” and indeed I did.
I have been a notepad++ user for a long time, but I think I will make the switch.
I find it so useful, I am even writing this very post in sublime.
Later I will copy-paste the content to Blogger.
Wouldn’t it be great to have an add-on to sublime though that would work with Blogger?

One thing I think you have to know before starting to use Sublime is the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+P which simply opens the command palette.
When you start off you get a nice set of commands in the palette
However, I could not find a command to install more plugins
For that, I had to install Package Control first.
After that, it is a piece of cake. I has a nice integration with Github too.
By the way - spell check is not in the command palette. To toggle spell check you need to press F6.

One last thing I had to do was to make Sublime available from command line.
I just could not do without the option to type

sublime guy.txt

and get the Sublime open with this file.
Since I work in Windows, it was not as easy as one might think.
I added the “Sublime Text Editor” to my Path system variable.
But the command said “sublime_text” and I just couldn’t bring myself to write this every time.
I activated the console as Administrator.
I went to the Sublime installation folder and wrote

echo sublime_text %* > s.bat

This allowed me to write

s guy.txt

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