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AngularJS - Adding "Toggle Header" Feature

08 Jul 2013

In the previous posts we implemented a simple paging for a table
using AngularJS directive and filter.
In this post, we will add a feature that enables us to choose which
columns we show.
The template we are using ( See first post) already places the available headers on the scope.

Step 1 - Show available headers on the page

First, we need to show the available header on the HTML.
For that we will add some HTML code to our page

<div class="available-headers">  
 <span class="available-header" ng-click="toggleHeader(header)" ng-repeat="header in availableHeaders" style="border:1px solid black; padding:10px; border-radius:10px; line-height:40px;">{{header}}</span>   

Implementing “toggleHeader”

Now we need to implement “toggleHeader”

$scope.toggleHeader = function( header ){  
 var headerIndex = $scope.headers.indexOf(header);  
 if (  headerIndex >= 0 ){  

In this code we are using the scope variable “headers” which we already
defined in our template.

In the next post we will add the ability to search the table.

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