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When Play Framework 2.X Sass plugin says 'Sass compiler: ruby.exe: No such file or directory -- project_root/sass (LoadError)'

21 Oct 2013

The Problem

Running Play!Framework (I am using 2.0.4) with Sass plugin throws a LoadError message.

Sass compiler: ruby.exe: No such file or directory -- project_root/sass (LoadError)

About Sass Plugin

Jlitola’s Play!Framework SASS plugin is a nifty piece of code that enables SASS in your Play!Framework project.
It requires that Ruby and SASS would be already installed on your computer.
The SASS gem creates to files in your RUBY_HOME\bin folder.
The first is sass.bat (for windows) and the other is sass which is the gem implementation in Ruby. This is a Ruby file.

Proper Folder Structure in Play Project

This plugin expects you to have scss files under your


directory, and it will copy them under


I write my scss files under


and so the plugin outputs them under


I can then link them in my HTML with the path


What does the error mean?

It seems that Ruby is trying to find the SASS gem file in your project’s root folder.
People might think it is looking for a folder since the error says

No such file or directory

and it is easier to create a directory - is it not?

A Work-Around

A quick work around would be to copy that sass file to your project’s root folder.
This does not resolve the problem that Ruby is looking for that file there instead of under Ruby’s bin directory, but it will enable you to work on your project.


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