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grunt-aws CERT_UNTRUSTED quick fix

20 Dec 2014

If there’s anything I hate in the programming world, is when something that worked well suddenly breaks. Unfortunately, today it happens a lot since everything is a “service” that is upgraded under your feet.
My build process broke so many times, I lost count.
Even if you keep it simple like

There could be many things going wrong. Here are just some examples

And then perhaps, you decide to go on for a sure thing.. as if there is such a thing.
You decide to use vagrant(!) to run your builds. Since vagrant means the build runs the same each and every time right? wrong!

What happened to Just Programming..?
Why do I spend my time in forums, support and such?

And to the problem…

So I started getting CERT UNTRUSTED when I was using grunt-aws after this plugin was no longer maintained..

I was able to resolve my problem by switching of cacheTTL and sslEnabled

    uploadCoverage: {  
        options: {  
            accessKeyId: s3Config.accessKey,  
            secretAccessKey: s3Config.secretAccessKey,  
            bucket: s3Config.bucket,  
            cacheTTL: 0,  
            sslEnabled: false,  
        cwd: 'coverage/',  
        src: '**',  
        dest: 'ui-coverage/'  


I haven’t tried any other combination. Perhaps only one is needed (probably the TTL one) but since I don’t require either, I switched them both off. perhaps you do need them, so please try using only one according to your needs.

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