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Helpful things to have with Rails

12 Jun 2010

Some stuff I picked up about rails that I wanted to share

Aptana RadRails

It helps me find definition and usage of functions. It helps me refactor (even though I don’t do much.. when I do, it is helpful).
It helps me open a file quickly, and mark when I have a definite error.

And of course.. debug…

It has a lot of cool features, and I just specified a few. If you decide to try it, you should check out the rake support they have as well.

Now, if your IDE already does all these things, then you don’t really need it, however it is a really cool tool for beginners since it is based on Eclipse, so it introduces a familiar Look & Feel.

ScreenCasts By Ryan Bates

Books and Articles, Forums and Tutorials cannot help you as much as Ryan Bates can. You simply don’t know until you try.

Not a post goes by without teaching you something new, or something old but in a different way.

And its not just the content of the posts, but everything is all so organized. Each post has links to older posts that is somehow related to it and the entire source. So you don’t have to work hard at all to get when you need.

Ryan, thank you.

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