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YARP - const_missing is dependencies

03 Jul 2010

I am living on the edge, working with rails 2.3.4.. As I am moving to production, I decided to integrate with “exception_notification“ gem. (or plugin?) , and that’s after looking at Ryan’s RailsCasts that I love.

Even though Ryan recommends the exception_logger, for starters I preferred the notification instead.

At first - I followed these instructions or something similar to those.

And it worked fine.. But then, as I committed to SVN, I noticed I have a lot of exception_noti*.rb files marked as “not-versioned” - and I couldn’t find the exception_notification when I did gem list .. weird..

Well, if you note those instructions, they say

ruby script/plugin install exception_notification

and not

gem install exception_notifiction

huh!? is there a difference?

So I tried installing the gem instead. I like running

rake gems:install

and see everything happening automatically, and I dislike having code I did not write in the SVN.. BUT - that didn’t work! I got

`const_missing': uninitialized constant Rails::Initializer::ExceptionNotifier

or other versions of this exception..
darn! What is that?

Well, as I dug around, it seems what I had was loading order problems. The environment is loaded before the gems, and - practically - there are no exceptions except for rails of course.

so I reverted back the plugin configuration, and it sorted everything out.
Another “nice” thing with plugins is that you don’t need to install them on each new environment. You just checkout and go..

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