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Contribute a micro library to java with JitPack today!

24 Jul 2016

Java is moving towards the micro lib world.
For some unknown reason it is called micro-frameworks.
I guess it is because Java can only have frameworks and no libraries..
The web is full with info about blogs about it and new micro libraries (frameworks!):

There are no small libraries.. only small programmers..

But! How to publish one?

In node/npm it is fairly easy because:

but in maven? How to you easily publish a micro library (framework!).

In comes JitPack

So I ran into this cool service called JitPack. JitPack is a maven repository that integrates with Github.
To publish your code all you need is to keep your code on github and use the following groupId and artifactId


So you need to

How to use it

In order to depend on this new library people will only have to add the JitPack repository like so


and then add the dependency with the details mentioned above.

How to troubleshoot?

Well, lets say mvn install crashed. How can you debug the problem?
You have a build log available at:

Few reason to write a micro lib

Micro libs are awesome because:


I really hope Java will be able to create a healthy, micro lib based community.
JitPack certainly makes this dream possible. I can’t see this community starting with it.

There is just one more problem I thing should be resolved before people will feel safe to go micro.
And that’s the classpath hell problem… npm/nodejs resolve this problem by not using a global require. Importing in nodejs is always relative to the requiring file.

So I will address this problematic issue next.
At the meantime, you can follow and contribute to my stackoverflow question.

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